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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tough Cookie to Crack....And that is putting it lightly!

So today I believe I finally got through to a student that wouldn't budge! And now I just need to get real creative on how to utilize this in school. I have a student that is stubborn, unmotivated, and does not really work for anything. But I do know he likes to dance- A LOT. I saw this video on my own and thought immediately of him. So today, during our last ISAT we talked some about music and dancing in his "Frequent Breaks". I told him I had a video that made me think of him. He wanted to see it so I said okay if you work hard I will show it to you after you finish. He worked SOOOO hard and I am pretty sure nailed the math extended response! So, like I always say, no matter what it takes- Make a relationship with your students!! Here is the awesome video I found!

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